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With the True Latino Taste in each of our Cookies Boxes

Travel around Latin America with the taste of our Cuscatlán Bakery Cookies Boxes and discover a wide variety of delicious, authentic biscuits.

Each one has its own story, a special taste and a traditional preparation.

True Latino Taste

We are

Meylin and Francisco and we have been creating cookies, desserts, and other bakery products for over 15 years. 

At Cuscatlan Bakery, we produce and comercialize bakery products with unmatched flavor and quality ingredients that result in fresh products with that unique flavor that characterizes us as Latinos.

We started in 2006 in our native country, El Salvador, with a small bakery that, in a short time, grew and positioned itself as our people’s favorite. In 2013 we were presented with the opportunity to move to the United States but we always had the business we left behind in mind. It has been a long uphill road to achieve it again but our main focus has always been to create delicious products without leaving our culture behind. 

With the idea to popularize our flavors and offer something different that reminds us of the delicacies prepared in our grandmothers and mothers’ kitchens, CUSCATLÁN BAKERY was born. 

We bring recipes from our grandmothers for more than three generations to your home, using traditional ingredients from our kitchen with modern artisan bakery techniques, providing unique products that will remind you of the TRUE LATINO TASTE.

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A wonderful South America dessert, that features two soft cookies filled with dulce de leche . A major difference between the Peruvian alfajor and those in other areas of the continent is that the Peruvian alfajor filling is commonly called manjar blanco, rather than dulce de leche.

Galleta Sable /Roll Biscuit

A cocoa and vanilla biscuit that has been a favorite dessert through generations. After all, who can resist such a deliciously sweet treat? Latino bakery is so versatile especially when it comes to cookies.

Salpor de Arroz /Rice Salpore

This is a crumbly crisp cookie, that contains Rice Flour, Cinnamon and a touch of dulce de Panela that makes them addictive.

Salpor de Almidón /Starch Salpore

This bite size cookies are perfect to bring with you everywhere, made with a traditional family recipe that everyone loves.

Peperechas /Red Sugar Sandwich

This crunchy pastry filled with Dulce de Panela and pineapple marmalade got his name from the bright red sugar on top. If the baker happens to use white sugar, they are then called hermanas or monjas, which translates to “nun”.

Pichardines /Dawn Sun Cookies

A delicated taste of pinapple marmalade over a soft crust flour biscuit, perfect to join you in the coffee break.

Pastelitos de piña /Anananas Tart

Sweet, crumbly and melt-in-your-mouth pastry with pineapple filling, the best pineapple tarts ever.

The filling is from fresh and juicy pineapple, which is cooked and reduced to a golden-color pineapple jam.

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