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We Are Meylin and Francisco, dedicated artisans with over 15 years of experience crafting cookies, desserts, and bakery delights.

Welcome to The C Bakery, where we specialize in producing and sharing bakery creations bursting with unmatched flavor and premium quality ingredients. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that every product carries the distinct taste that defines our Latino heritage.

Our journey began in 2006 in El Salvador, where a humble bakery quickly grew into a local favorite. In 2013, we embarked on a new chapter in the United States, but our hearts remained devoted to the bakery we left behind. It’s been a challenging journey, but our primary focus has always been on crafting delicious treats while preserving our cherished cultural traditions.

So, why ‘C’ Bakery?

We wanted to share our cherished flavors and offer a taste of the nostalgic dishes prepared in our grandmothers’ and mothers’ kitchens. As a tribute to our beloved hometown of Cuscatl√°n, El Salvador, we proudly present THE C BAKERY.

Our recipes have been passed down through three generations, featuring traditional ingredients blended with modern artisan bakery techniques. Our mission is to offer you unique, authentic products.

We appreciate you joining us on this flavorful journey. We look forward to serving you the tastes of our heritage, one delightful bite at a time!

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Co-Founder/ Head Baker


Co-Founder/ Head Baker

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